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“I called into Monter Reservations today and spoke with Sandra. I found her to be very professional and knowledgeable. She was extremely helpful in providing answers to ALL my questions. I hope I have the opportunity of reaching Sandra anytime I call Monster Reservations.”
R. Carter, (Dec 2018)
“Sandra got me the exact dates and location I wanted for a winter-sport getaway with the kids. She was very helpful and efficient, looking forward to our weekend in the Poconos!”
M. Hassing, (Dec 2018)
“Matt was a fantastic to work with. He did a good job at helping me plan a last minute mini vacation. Thank you Matt.”
M. Lamascolo, (Dec 2018)
“Matt did an awesome job. Excellent customer service support!!!”
M. Joyner, (Dec 2018)
“MRG always handles my needs with professional care and concern, I have never been disappointed! My go to every time.”
J. Chadfield, (Dec 2018)
“Matt was awesome in assisting with the a fantastic vacation.”
C. Sain, (Dec 2018)
“Sandra did a great job!”
F. Norman, (Dec 2018)
“Matt was awesome!!”
G. Tovine, (Dec 2018)
“Sandra was very sweet and was able to turn a difficult situation into a positive experience. Thanks so much Sandra”
S. Lockhart, (Nov 2018)
“Matt in Customer Service was great! Went above and beyond to correct some misinformation! Pleasant to speak with, too!”
T. Canale, (Nov 2018)
“Miss Sandra was very pleasant and helpful a sweet spirit young lady that will get the Job done Thank Mrs.Sandra!”
L. Stroman, (Nov 2018)
“Matt was magnificent with assisting me with my reason for calling in and I am looking forward to scheduling my trip the future!”
N. Taylor, (Nov 2018)
“Matt was helpful getting this vacation scheduled.”
G. Lyons, (Nov 2018)
“Hunter was the rep that I talked too, and helped me out a lot with all of my questions. He explained all the details to make sure I understood the trip package which was great. He was able to get the dates I wanted and was honest about the availability options. Looking forward to Orlando!”
K. Oriol, (Nov 2018)

“Matt was super helpful in getting us reservations and explaining how everything worked.”

T. Donohoe, (Nov 2018)
“We booked our time share reservation with Matt and all went smoothly.”
A. Dobbin, (Oct 2018)
“I have truly appreciated the great customer service provided by Garrett in exposing the numerous options and benefits associated with our trip to discuss a time share opportunity!”
T. Spang, (Oct 2018)
“Sandra did a great job answering my many questions. I appreciate her help in scheduling our vacation.”
J. Stahle, (Oct 2018)
“Hunter did an awesome job of going over the resort stay details.”
J. Bjorn, (Oct 2018)
“I talked to Matt twice in the last month with several questions. He was pleasant answering every question I threw at him. I can say Matt was helpful, personable, and very informative.”
M. Hancock, (Oct 2018)
“Service was amazing! Matt was able to get me exactly what I needed, and on such a short notice!”
J. Speight, (Oct 2018)
“Matt was great. I booked a reservation with Monster for my 35th birthday! The original location assigned had horrible reviews. I immediately replied and Matt called me with an alternative option and was able to get me switched to a much better location.”
A. Scott, (Oct 2018)
“Really enjoyed our experience making a reservation with Monster Reservation. Very quick and easy process. Thanks Hunter!”
J. Maddon, (Oct 2018)
“Wonderful service! Matt was great and made me feel very comfortable and confident about my first booking.”
T. Watson, (Sept 2018)
“Matt was incredibly helpful and has a great personality.”
L. Aldridge, (Sept 2018)
“Hunter was very courteous and helpful with my reservations, making sure I understood the details. Thanks!”
B. Oard, (Sept 2018)
“Matt was awesome. Made the whole process seamless. We are definitely looking forward to our trip!!!”
S. Clark, (Sept 2018)
“Matt was very professional and has a great sense of humor. Thank you for all your assistance with planning our vacation.”
L. Pollard, (Sept 2018)

“Matt and Hunter helped us to complete our getaway thru Monster. They were both great. They each answered all of our questions and spent the necessary time to ensure our comfort with this process. Thanks Monster for employing such good reps for your business! We hope to do more vacations with you in the future.”

Lorie H., (Sept 2018)
“Hunter was exceptional, professional and very helpful. Best I have experienced with your company.”
R. Griffin, (Sept 2018)
“Matt was my customer service rep, and let me tell you her was amazing. He was so polite, courteous and helpful. I am really excited about the vacation I planned for my family. Thank you Matt!”
K. Weir, (Sept 2018)
“It was a pleasure working with Matt. He had a very fun personality. I’ll be back to post about my trip to Myrtle Beach!!”
E. Brooks, (Sept 2018)
“Matt is a very professional guy with a good attitude very knowledgeable about his job and willing to help.”
R. McLean, (Sept 2018)
“Hunter is very clear about the pre-check-in instructions. My conversation with him went smoothly. Overall, he is great to work with.”
K. Zheng, (August 2018)
“Can’t say enough good things about Matt! So glad I called! His customer service is excellent. He is very informative and got a great location for us:) Highly recommend!”
S. Crosley, (August 2018)
“The booking process through monster rg was very easygoing. Matt was the absolute best to work with! We look forward to going on the trips themselves!”
B. LaPorte, (August 2018)
“Matt was awesome in helping my family with booking our vacation!”
B. Bennett, (August 2018)
“Easy process Matt was great!”
T. Austin, (August 2018)
“Matt was really thorough and solved a potential problem for us. Thanks!”
A. Hightower, (August 2018)
“First time booking with Monster Group. I was offered a great vacation package, but when i got my comfirmation letter, i was quite disappointed about the accommodations, contact Monster and spoke to Matt he work out better deal. I am very satisfied with his customer service, would definitely recommend to family and friends.”
C. Garcia, (August 2018)
“Great service Hunter, thank you for your help you are wonderful!”
J. Bennett, (August 2018)
“Matt did a wonderful job booking for me and explaining everything to me.”
K. McHugh, (August 2018)
“Matt was very personable, thorough and knowledgeable! Not only is he learned on national travel, but international as well. MRG is lucky to have such a learned employee who is also efficient!”
B.T. Parker, (August 2018)
“Hunter was very helpful and informative! Thanks!”
M. Saenz, (July 2018)

“Simple process Matt was a great help.”

A. Warner, (July 2018)
“Hunter was awesome, he double checked everything and called me back he was so very helpful. Thanks again for everything Hunter”
C. Deel, (July 2018)
“Matt was great! Thank you so much for all your help with our vacation.”
K. Long, (July 2018)
“Matt was awesome and was very helpful in getting me set up for my trip.”
P. Kellner, (July 2018)

“Hunter was helpful. He took the time to call me back and answer additional questions.”

J. Ramirez, (July 2018)

“Hunter is a Rock Star…a great help!!”

A. Soffe, (July 2018)

“Matt was exceptionally helpful and made sure I fully understood everything about my upcoming stay. All of my questions were answered in a very professional manner. I look forward to working with Matt in the near future. Keep up the Great work, Matt.”

C Greene, (July 2018)
“This was my first contact since buying the promotion package. Matt was friendly and the service was quick. This was an easy process to get started, now I’m waiting 7 business days for my confirmation to visit in August.”
M. Harrison, (June 2018)
“Matt was so awesome. He went out of his way to make our vacation a awesome one. We had to reschedule our vacation which is usually impossible close to a holiday and Matt made it happen. He also made sure we had the right room for my family as well to accommodate our needs. Thank you matt for being so kind, helpful and just a great customer service individual.”
T. Dillard, (June 2018)
“We recently purchased a extended vacation from MRG. Matt was the gentleman that helped me and we were very impressed with his attention to detail and the ease of which he helped us with the transaction.”
D. Bunn, (June 2018)
“Hunter was really courteous and he answered all my questions with ease. He was really easy to talk to, and this was not my first time speaking to him about my reservations but he was always helpful and very knowledgeable!!”
Shara B., (June 2018)
“I was concerned that my vacation plans would not go smoothly as I have learned from the past. However dealing with Matt gave me total peace of mind that all would be great. He called me to make sure he could answer anymore questions I had before our stay and that I had everything I needed for peace of mind and a great experience. He is a true asset to the company and a poster child for HOSPITALITY!! Thank you Matt! Looking forward to our stay at the beautiful resort. Feel like a Queen already!”
D. Schronce, (June 2018)
“It was a pleasant experience on the phone with your rep ….will be going down soon to myrtle beach soon to check it out”
T. Mullins, (June 2018)
“Great Customer Service! They check in frequently to make sure everything is perfect in preparation for the vacation.”
S. Rosace, (June 2018)
“So far I am very satisfied with MRG and the people I have corresponded. I trust I will experience the same level of professionalism moving forward.”
G. Sacton, (June 2018)
“Had to call today to make changes because of a family tragedy. Matt was wonderful in relieving my mind, reminding me I still had 14 months and was able to add more people to my trip. Matt was kind and just wonderful to work with.”
T. Smith, (June 2018)
“The service Matt gave me was excellent. There were some issues but he solved them quickly always with a good attitude. Thank you!”
A. Du Sault, (June 2018)
“Matt was great. He was very informative and helped me make the best decision for me and my family”
E. Tanner, (May 2018)
“I called to make my reservations and got in touch with the most wonderful and super friendly very outgoing gentleman named Matt he absolutely was wonderful in making my reservations I would highly recommend him.”
C. White, (May 2018)
“Just spoke with Caleb to confirm my reservation, he was very courteous and went through our agreement package and ask if there were anything else he could do for us … thank you and my husband and I are looking forward to our mini vacation!!!😊”
J. Harless, (May 2018)
“Very friendly, did not pressure me.”
S. Rudd, (May 2018)
“Matt was wonderful. He has a keen sense of humor. He made my experience an easy one. Answered all my questions too. Thx.”
S. Hemmer, (May 2018)
“Great experience, Matt was very helpful with my reservation. His customer skills are really appreciated.”
M. Neacsu, (May 2018)
“Wonderful, friendly and easy process when booking my vacation with Monster Reservations Group. Max was extremely friendly and he patiently answered all my question to my satisfaction!”
K. Hammond, (May 2018)
“Mat was awesome! Great experience had no issues make my reservation. Kind and friendly staff. I will definitely refer family & friends to purchase a vacation package from this company.”
F. Fontan, (May 2018)
“I had the pleasure of speaking with Caleb, as well as, Matt on two separate occasions. Their customer service was excellent! They assisted me in booking my vacation and answering any questions. Thanks for all your help!”
T. Whatley, (May 2018)
“Matt was efficient & quickly problem solved my reservstion. So, i am very satisfied….thanks!”
K. Cook, (May 2018)
“Hi everyone, to whom this may concern, I am here to rate and review Monster Reservation Group. I am especially impressed with my own personal Vacation Specialist Customer Service Experience at this company. today by telephone conversation. I called up today, on 04/27/2018 to ask for more clarity on my vacation package and was extremely fortunate to have gotten the chance to speak with a Vacation Specialist by the name of CALEB, whom works in the General Questions Department. I am very pleased to announce that I received exceptional customer service from this young man. I really appreciate him!

He proved to be adequately skilled and knowledgeable in his area of expertise, and job duties at Monster Reservation Group. He is a great sales person in my opinion! He made me happy that I chose to buy my package! Caleb was patient and courteous, as he listened attentively to each of my concerns.and request. He verbally explained I asked that he send an email to me with my PACKAGE DETAILS and or the(Terms and Conditions) of my specific package w everything I needed to know and understand about my package purchase.. Overall, Caleb proved to me that he was truly serious about being at my service to ensure that my Husband and I will encounter the most satisfying vacation package experience possible. Now, because of my customer service experience today with Caleb, I would indeed just like to express that I am definitely a satisfied customer of this company because Caleb handled all of my inquiries with an utmost respect and he did it all in a very decent, timely, professional manner.

Therefore, for my personal review, I am personally recommending this company to the public and rating it as Five Stars.”

D. Nowlin, (April 2018)
“Mat was awesome! Great experience had no issues make my reservation. Kind and friendly staff. I will definitely refer family & friends to purchase a vacation package from this company.”
F. Fontan, (April 2018)
“I had the pleasure of speaking with Caleb, as well as, Matt on two separate occasions. Their customer service was excellent! They assisted me in booking my vacation and answering any questions. Thanks for all your help!”
T. Whatley, (April 2018)
“Matt was efficient & quickly problem solved my reservstion. So, i am very satisfied….thanks!”
K. Cook, (April 2018)
“Hunter was very courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend them.”
B. Wells, (March 2018)
“Garrett was very thorough, and courteous during our conversation.”
P. Grandenetti, (March 2018)
“I worked with Hunter to work on Our Reservations and he was very Helpful! We are looking forward to Our trip to Myrtle Beach! Thank you Hunter!”
J. Brawner, (March 2018)
“I appreciate the assistance Hunter gave me today. I was nervious about my reservation but he went above and beyond to make sure that everything would be fine. Great asset to the company.”
K. Pryor, (March 2018)
“This review covers the phone-in reservation process through Monster Reservations Group. I have not yet gone on the trip to use the reservation, so I have no information on the accommodations or trip experience. With that proviso, the reservation process was straightforward and smooth. There was no inordinate wait to speak with an agent, and Celeste, the person taking my reservation, had all my information in front of her quickly. The process required a call back for me to answer some simple questions, and that all fell into place with no incident. Email confirmations were timely. One error was quickly corrected when I reported it. I think if you call well in advance of your trip, you will have a good experience in making the reservation.”
B. Conner, (March 2018)
“My experience was amazing, Mr. Hunter did an amazing job with assisting me with all my travel needs and questions, he is definitely a great person, with great customer service… Mr. Hunter you rock, thanks for everything.”
E. Haygood, (March 2018)
“Garrett was very nice and the rep that I spoke to the day before I am really pleased with the customer service.”
R. Brake, (March 2018)
“Haley was an excellent representative. She took time to answer all my questions.”
A. Jones, (Feb 2018)
“My rep was excellent!!! Courteous and expedited everything quickly!”
T. K., (Feb 2018)
“Hunter and Celeste were very helpful when they handled my reservation.”
W. Poe, (Feb 2018)
“I had the pleasure of dealing with Hunter to set up our reservations for our four day get away and presentation. If all our experiences with “Monster” are as smooth, helpful and friendly I am sure we will have a long association.

Thank you for your assistance Hunter,”

D. Lindholm, (Feb 2018)
“Great customer service .. Thanks Hunter.”
K. Shaffer, (Feb 2018)
“He was a greatperson and was helpful!.he explained to me everything I needed to know! Give him an A!!!!”
D. Poole, (Feb 2018)
“Very Pleased with the help of Haley who got me through a confusing situation. A very pleasant agent.”
C. Mays, (Feb 2018)
“Very pleasant and helpful on the phone.”
N. Harden, (Feb 2018)
“Hailey was very helpful and answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. She was very pleasant”
S. Hill, (Feb 2018)
“Spoke with Hailey and she gave great Customer Service. She was very efficient and she got back with me in a timely manner. I highly recommend Monster Reservations to book your vacation.”
C. Walker, (Feb 2018)
“Great customer service.”
C. Augustin, (Jan 2018)
“The customer service rep, Haley, was very thorough, courteous, friendly, and informative.”
J. Brown, (Jan 2018)
“Haley was awesome, answered all my questions and was a great help.”
D. Ellingsworth, (Jan 2018)
“Hailey was very pleasant, professional and accommodating. Thanks so much for your assistance !! Five Star performance.”
S. Eigen, (Jan 2018)
“I had a satisfying experience with MRG. The staff totally wants a happy customer. Thank you Domonique Kenny for ensuring me I would have no regrets and thank you Ian for ensuring my continued satisfaction in choosing MRG!!!”
L. Marie, (Jan 2018)