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5 Monster Travel Tips

5 Travel Tip

Following these 5 Travel tips will help keep your journey from the day you confirmed your vacation to the day you arrive stress free!

1. Remember your Id and Major Credit Card

Remembering your ID and Major Credit card are crucial to being able to check in to the resort for your vacation. In order to fly to your destination you will need your ID as well, but luckily if your ID is lost, stolen, or you forgot it at home, you can still fly as long as you have 2 secondary forms of identification. You will need to complete a verification process. This process includes collecting information such as your name, current address, and other personal information to confirm your identity. If your identity is confirmed, you will be allowed to enter the screening checkpoint.

2. Bring a phone charger

We have all been there. We’ve charged our phones all night long, left to head to our vacation only to realize our phones are dead and we left our chargers on our night stand. Now we are left spending outrages amount of money on a gas station or airport kiosk phone charger. My tip for you is to buy a spare charger off of amazon and designate it as your travel charger leaving it in our travel bag. 

3. Bring Snacks

Every airline has a different snack protocol right now due to Covid-19. To avoid being extremely hungry during your flight, or being left to pay for overpriced foods, I suggest packing a few granola bars or trail mixes in your packed bag. If you want to find out more about airline snack protocol check out our Free Covid Travel guide now!

4. Alway be Early

Travel tip #4: it is never a bad idea to be early. When you think about a trip to the airport what do you see? Long lines of people waiting to check their bags, and then more long lines to go through TSA! This can be very stressful, so I always suggest arrive 2 hours early to ensure you arrive on time.

5. Remember to pack a face mask and hand sanitizer

Whether you are planning on flying or road tripping to your destination a face mask is mandatory. If you are flying I suggest packing a spare mask in your carry-on just in case you forget yours in your car, or at a restaurant table at the airport. If you are driving to your destination pack an extra mask in your glove box just in case you are rushing out the door and leave it at home or somewhere else along the way. 

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