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Travelers Guide to Punta Cana

Welcome to Punta Cana!

The best beach destination for a luxury trip is Punta Cana. It has white sand, 30 miles in length, and more activities than you can do! You’ll find everything from Nightlife to water parks here with ziplining through lush jungles. Golfers will feel at home too as there are over 10 courses to choose from – the perfect place for your next vacation!

Things to do on your trip:

Punta Cana has tons of activities to choose from that range from a day full of zipping or if you want a day of relaxation many beaches, and a well-known spa called Six Sense. The top 5 places to check out are the Anamuya Ziplines, Bavaro Adventure Park, Bavaro Nightlife, Canopy Adventures, and Cap Cana Nightlife!

Anamuya Ziplines:

The Anamuya Ziplines was the first ever built zipline in Punta Cana. It is built for any type of ride new or expert level. There are 18 platform courses that contain 12 zipline runs. You even reach heights up to 800 meters above jungle level! That’s right, you heard that correct, you will be zip-lining through the Anamuya jungle, and through its mountain ranges. This is one of the most popular ziplines to visit. Don’t forget your GoPro helmet attachment, so you can record your entire experience!

Bavaro Adventure park

The Bavaro Adventure park is a nature-friendly and sustainable activities park that has a variety of activities to choose from. Pick either ziplining or a climbing garden! There is a Segway circuit, paintball course, and even a bungee trampoline park. That isn’t all, they even have an on-site Jurassic Park that has 20 animatronic dinosaurs!

After your long day at the adventure park head out for a fun night of dancing at the Image club, an unground cavern turned into a disco vibing dance club, or enjoy a relaxing evening at Los Corabs a quiet wine tasting restaurant.

Once you’ve checked out Bavaro, head on over to Cap Cana to experience the nightlife at this popular corner in town.  It is known to be sophisticated and relaxed. A place that is highly recommended to check out for its old-world glamour lounges, cocktails, and classical music is called Riva!

With such breath-taking views all around Punta Cana – Canopy Adventure gives you a close insight into just how beautiful this destination really is! If you do plan on going to Canopy Adventure, make sure to block off an entire half of a day out of your schedule at least! You will be zip-lining on a double steeled parallel cable that can turn you horizontally to experience a ride through the jungle-like never before! Over 200 feet in the air and reaching speeds up to 40mph this zip line adventure is meant for real thrill-seekers. If you don’t like the thrills as much you can also go hiking along the coastline and taking a picture at the beautiful hanging bridges!

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