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Hiking in Punta Cana

Hiking in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a beautiful place to visit and there are many hiking trails for you to explore. Grab your water, sunscreen, and some friends because this blog post will give you tips on where to go and what not to miss. Hiking in Punta Cana can be an enriching experience thanks to the variety of landscapes that it offers. From rainforests with plants growing all over the ground, big mountains that range up to 1,800 feet high, and hidden waterfalls – exploring this diverse country on foot will allow you to discover its hidden gems one step at a time! 

What to Expect? 

Set your expectations high, because we promise you will not be let down. You’re probably used to going to a tail, having a map, trail signs, signposting, and lookout markers. In Punta Cana, they don’t have any of that, which makes the thrill of the trail even more exhilarating! The reward for untouched sceneries is lush landscapes, secluded waterfalls, and uncharted memories you will be telling for a lifetime. 

How and where do I go hiking?­

There are three different ways you can go hiking – a guided excursion, a local guide, or solo! If you’re not experienced in hiking we would highly recommend a local guide or a guided excursion! Having a local expert guide you on your hike will help you gain knowledge of the land and inhabitants in the area! 

There are many trails to explore all over the island but our top three are Montana Redonda, Sendero Padre Nuestro, and Anamuya Mountains! Our favorite is Montana Redonda in Miches. This mountain provides a 360 Degree view of the Island which is perfect if you’re looking for a few hours of nostalgia. That isn’t the best part though. They have brooms and hammocks to make it look like you’re flying in the air for your photo op, or if you want to take a quick nap 1,800 feet in the air! The most famous picture of all is the swing picture that make it look like you are swinging over a cliff! 

If you would like to experience hiking in the beautiful Punta Cana please see here for all of our current specials! Bon Voyage!

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