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Solo Travel with Monster

solo travel

There’s no denying that traveling is a fun and exciting experience. Most people travel with a significant other and/or family, but never even consider traveling by themselves. Not only is traveling alone empowering, but it can also be extra relaxing! When by yourself, the only things you’re going to do are exactly all of the things you want to do! There are no arguments, no deciding, no compromising. However, for too many, traveling alone can be scary and daunting. This does not have to be the case! This is a great time to cross a destination off of your travel bucket list and do things that you normally would not do when traveling with others!

Is Traveling Alone Safe?

Traveling alone can be perfectly safe as long as you use general common sense. Keep things in mind such as; keeping your valuables secure, giving your travel itinerary to family and friends, and keeping a notebook of important contacts in case your phone is lost or stolen. Most people post many pictures on social media while traveling and even this is a good way to feel more secure in being alone! Your friends and family will know where you are at and what you are doing and that you are safe.


Benefits of Traveling Alone

There are numerous benefits when it comes to traveling by yourself. Have you ever gotten into an argument with your partner or a family member while trying to make a decision on what to do, where to go, or what to eat? That isn’t even an option when you’re by yourself! There are a few of us here at Monster that actually prefers to experience a new destination solo for the first time. Besides getting to make all the decisions yourself, this is a great time to really get to know yourself. You will gain confidence by having to rely only on yourself and by being entirely outside of your comfort zone. Plus it’s cheaper!


Traveling Alone Literally Makes You Happier

Roy T. Bennet says, “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Traveling alone can be scary and uncomfortable, but you’re never really alone. Along the way, you will meet individuals during random social interactions who will actually release the happy hormone in your brain!


Best places to Visit Alone

There are a few places that we think would be great options to try out solo. Las Vegas is one of them! When most people think of Las Vegas, they think of gambling and nightlife. However, Las Vegas has so much more to offer. Here there is hiking, sightseeing, museums, and so much more! Try out hiking through Red Rock Canyon; the unique geology and fascinating history are sure to captivate anyone who visits!

Maybe Vegas isn’t your thing, or maybe you’ve been there before, and that’s perfectly fine! Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the next stop on our list of solo destinations. The majesty of the Smoky Mountains is nothing short of magnificent. Try out a mountain coaster! Mountain coasters are increasingly popular attractions where you can go whizzing through the forest on a solo coaster ride that you control the speed on! There is also this great spot called The Island that is home to over 40 retail shops, a Ferris wheel, fountains, and more! It is a great place to go on your solo trip!

Next stop; San Antonio, Texas! San Antonio is a great place to visit! Here you can eat an amazing barbecue, go on a riverboat cruise, or see some amazing historical sites like the Alamo. San Antonio is home to some truly amazing foods you just have to try while you’re there, like puffy tacos, the city’s signature dish. The city is also full of so much history, you can almost feel it. Take a tour of the Alamo, the Lone Star brewery or a walking city tour. Try taking a scenic hike like the Tower Loop hike, or Missions San Juan River Walk. The possibilities are endless in San Antonio!


Solo Travel Mobile Apps

If you’d like to make some new friends while traveling to new places, try out an app like Meetup or Hangouts! These apps make it easy to meet like-minded people and will even have events and gatherings posted that you can check out for the dates that you are in town! In addition, check out the following apps that are super handy to have while traveling solo!:
ChefsFeed – this is an app that helps solo travelers find the best restaurants!
Meetup – great to meet like-minded people who can show you around or for finding events going on!
Travello – uses your travel interests to link you up with other travelers, think social network for traveling!
SoloTraveller – Connects you with other solo travelers in the same city in real-time!

Have No Fear!

Traveling alone does not have to be scary or intimidating, in fact, it’s quite empowering! With today’s technology you can be vacationing all by yourself, but have your loved ones know where you’re at and that you are safe at the same time. You can do exactly what you want when you want, and with today’s technology, you can meet new friends all over the world! Spend some time self-reflecting, discovering yourself, and spreading your wings on an extra-relaxing solo trip!

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