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The History of Breckenridge

Good Ole’ Breck


In 1859 Breckenridge, Colorado made its mark on the map of the United States of America. During this time gold was found alongside the Blue River from a group of settlers. As the word got out about the discovery of gold more and more people traveled to Breckenridge to build a new way of life. In 1860 a post office was built, and a population of 75-100 people began the creation of the town we now know as Breckenridge. 

All around the Tenmile town are acres of mountains and wildlife. The people there wanted to preserve the beauty of the area, so in the late 1870s, a movement began to make Breckenridge a Historic District. An alliance was built called The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance which remains intact to this very day and provides visitors a strong glimpse into the history of this town.


In the 1900s electricity and phones were introduced to the town. This is when the economy really started to boom. Then WWII hit and slowly the industry was brought to an end. The population had dropped to only 393 people. These 393 people came together and built the first Ski Resort in 1961 called Peak 8. Shortly following Peak 8 was Peak 9 in 1971, and Peak 10 in 1985. By 1990 the population of Breckenridge crept back up to 1,200 people! 

Even with the industry switch from gold mining to Ski Hotel and Resort Tourism industry, the historical beauty of the area has remained the same. The town now has a downtown shopping area, golf clubs, and many family-owned local restaurants to enjoy. Visiting this destination should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

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