Top 5 Restaurants Closest to Ancora Cap Cana

Bohemian Tapas & Wine Bar

Boulevard Fishing Lodge


Bohemian Tapas and Wine Bar is the perfect date night out! With over 85+ wines from 9 different countries, you will have a blast all evening or night long! 


Boulevard Fishing Lodge


Nakamura is ranked #4 out of #300+ restaurants to visit in all of Punta Cana! This Peruvian, Asian-style restaurant offers both sushi and nikkei! 

Arroceria Valenciana

Boulevard Fishing Lodge


Arroceria Valenciana is known for its Valenciana Paella! When in Punta you have to try Paella! They have a very professional atmosphere and a big wine selection for our wine lovers! From seafood to European-styled dishes you are sure to find yourself indulging in foods you have never tried before!

Barbudo Restaurant

Boulevard Fishing Lodge


Barbudo is a local restaurant located inside Cap Cana in a 2 story building styled very Mediterranean-like. The food is amazing and even on the weekends, you will find live music to dance to all night long!

Church Cap Cana Bar & Restaurant

Boulevard Fishing Lodge


A unique experience with Chef Mr. Soto who revolutionizes service with a 4-5 course meal for all of his restaurant guests. Stop by the Church for some “holy water” any night of the week!

If you would like to visit Ancora Cap Cana please click here to learn more!

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