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United Airlines Announces New Direct Flights to Myrtle Beach!


united airlines

At last Thursday’s announcement, United Airlines made a huge announcement! They made it clear that they will be adding three new midwest direct flights to Myrtle Beach starting Memorial Day weekend! These destinations are Cleveland, Milwaukee, and St. Louis- great for those near the Midwest who want an easy way out of town this summer season without sacrificing too many hours on a long flight away from home! The best part is these routes will run 3x per week which means there should always be at least one destination with space available for you and your entire family!

In addition to these flights, United Airlines is also opening back up 20+ more domestic flights to Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbeans! They will be running 100% of their pre-pandemic flights all beginning Memorial Day weekend! Book your trip now before all the fun begins and head off into adventure in no time flat–after all school starts back sooner than you’d think!

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