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Winter Weekend Getaway to Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Did you know that winter just so happens to be one of the best times to visit Costa Rica? (If not the best!) Not only because the winter most of us here at Monster tend to experience is cold and dark and dreary, but also because mid-November through April also happens to be Costa Rica’s dry season! This means you can beach hop and adventure (mostly) without fear of storm clouds stealing your vacation’s thunder! What’s more, the winter months offer a variety of great adventures along with the given year-round shopping, restaurants, and natural sights. Read on to discover more about why winter weekend getaways to this amazing destination are ideal! 

First, Let’s Talk Weather

Costa Rica hosts every type of climate on Earth besides frozen tundras and deserts! Costa Rica doesn’t exactly have a “winter season” as it is most generally considered to have two seasons; a dry season and a green season. However, it is the coolest from November to January. The temperature for these months can vary depending on the region, but Costa Rica generally has pretty mild temperatures year round ranging between the 70s and 80s (°F). The measure of rainfall can vary per region as well, however, during the “winter” season it is the lightest. Complete opposite from the cold and dark most of us further north are used to!

What is There to Do in Winter?

The short answer here would be… everything! Given that our winter months happen to be Costa Rica’s peak tourism season, you can be sure that all of the best activities and events will be happening! Businesses usually are up and running with extended hours, there are many more options for entertainment like live music, even the surf is better this time of year! 

Flora, Fauna & Scenery

This would be the ideal time of year to check out the nature and wildlife Costa Rica has to offer. Wildlife is considered to be easier to spot because of the light rain which leads to animals being more concentrated around drinking water. Take a tour through the rainforests on all terrain vehicles or check out one of the many national parks! Make sure to pack some bug spray!

There are many natural sights to see like rainforests, mountains, volcanoes, and of course, beaches (even black sand beaches)! Monster’s very own Villa Sol resort is located right on the beach, in Playa Hermosa. Just a few minutes worth of walking and your toes will be in the black sand with the warm, blue water rushing up to meet you. Playa Hermosa is said to be one of the cleanest beaches in Costa Rica and has crystal clear water. You may even see a humpback whale!

This would be a great time to surf! The water is always warm, and the swells are generally bigger. Diving or snorkeling would also be a great activity to try! View magnificent reefs and see wild and colorful marine life like turtles, dolphins, seahorses, and many varieties of fish!

 If you’re in for a bit of a drive, Arenal volcano is a mere 3 hours from the resort. Sure, 3 hours is a bit lengthy for some, but Arenal is one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations, and a true wonder to witness in person. This long of a drive is also a great time to check out the scenery! See if you can spot a sloth or a toucan, some of Costa Rica’s most iconic animals! Also, keep an eye out for the national flower; La Guaria Morada, with beautiful purple blossom. Plus, where there are volcanoes, there are thermal hot springs, another reason the drive will be worth it! Hello, relaxation!

Be sure to pack a camera, as Costa Rica’s beauty is simply breathtaking.

Entertainment & Cuisine

There are countless tours to take part in near Playa Hermosa. Try out ziplining, white water rafting, or ATV riding through the lush, green rainforests. Looking for something more relaxing? There are spas, hot springs, and boat trips! There are even some massage therapists that will give you a deep tissue massage right on the beach! Go fishing for marlin, or try out one of Costa Rica’s delicious restaurants! The food available in Costa Rica is quite vast due to tourism, but this would be an amazing opportunity to try authentic Costa Rican cuisine! The quality of ingredients is always very high due to the tropical climate; exotic fruits and vegetables grow well and will send your taste buds on an adventure! Try one of Costa Rica’s most traditional dishes: Casado!

What’s the Hold Up?

It’s completely understandable why winter in Costa Rica is the peak tourist season. The weather is flawless, there are endless things to do and experience, and the flora and fauna are breathtaking. In short; there is no reason not to go! Book your trip to Costa Rica today!

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