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Great 2017 March of Dimes Sponsorship – Mike, Andrew and Ian Fenderbosch

Monster Reservations Group and its team members are an active part of the community in Horry County, South Carolina. The company’s ownership team Ian & Andrew Fenderbosch attended locally, Socastee High School and have spent more than 20 years here at the beach. Since 2015 the company has been a major contributor at the March of Dimes Chef’s Auction held at the Marriott Oceanwatch in Myrtle Beach for premature babies.

“I think one of the major reasons why we believe in and contribute so heavily to the March of Dimes is because children haven’t had a chance to make any mistakes or do any wrong. They are innocent, perfect little people and we owe it to the mother’s to help ensure delivery and care after birth are first rate especially for premature children.”

Andrew McGill Fenderbosch (President of Monster)

In addition to March of Dimes the company sponsors almost 100 local children during the Holiday Season to help ensure presents are under the tree on Christmas Day. Monster is also working with a local charity to help children in Horry County fight hunger and stay in school.

Jordan & Andrew Fenderbosch attending the event 2017.

Pete & Danielle Sollecito along with best friends Jordan & Andrew Fenderbosch March of Dimes 2017.

Mike & Trish Fenderbosch looking great at the 2017 event!

Jordan & Andrew Fenderbosch March of Dimes 2017.

Shawn Shea & Andrew Fenderbosch having fun at the 2017 Auction.

Bethany, Ian Kurt, Andrew, Jordan, Trish & Mike Fenderbosch smiling big for a family photo!

Ian & Bethany Fenderbosch looking good while supporting the babies.

Team members and friends enjoying Monster Reservations Group Sponsorship at March of Dimes!

Friends Brian & Jessica Brown enjoying the event with Jordan & Andrew Fenderbosch.