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The Top 5 Best Travel Apps in 2021

Technology advancement in 2021 has far exceeded all expectations. The best part about all of these advancements is the travel apps and gadgets that have been made to fix common issues travelers come across.


Uber is the number one downloaded application used for ride pick-ups and it serves as a personal guide around town without having to drive yourself. Grab a friend or your family, and drink downtown on your vacation with zero worries about how you are getting home! Also, check out their new feature called UberEATS! It is a delivery system for all of your foodie cravings, and they will deliver anywhere you are located!


Google Translate

One of the biggest fears travelers have is going to a new destination and not knowing how to translate what they want to the native language of the place they are visiting. No worries! Google added a great travel app to their search engine platform called Google Translate. Here you can type anything you want in English and then choose the language you want to translate to. You can even choose the speaker button and have Google Translate say what you want! No more butchering over languages we don’t know!

Google Translate


This mobile only application allows you to put the destination you are traveling to or want to travel to and provides you the cheapest flights to go there! It also tells you the cheapest days and months to fly to that place!



This unique travel app allows you to organize your upcoming travel itinerary! Once you receive your confirmation email for your resort, your flight plans, and car rental plans you can email it to Once you do this, they will compile a master itinerary so you can have all of your upcoming plans at once and in one easy view!

travel itinerary


PackPoint aids the traveler by detailing a checklist of items you have to pack! The traveler creates a profile with the travel destination, number of days, and motivation to begin the trip. The app then generates a custom packing list! It also suggests the type of clothes to pack based upon the weather!


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The Top 5 Best Travel Apps in 2021

Technology advancement in 2021 has far exceeded all expectations. The best part about all of these advancements is the travel apps and gadgets that have

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