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A Valentine’s Day Vacation to Orlando

Give the gift of Vacation

Valentine’s Day celebrates romance, affection, and relationships of all kinds. Many of us shower our loved ones with expensive jewelry, chocolates, flowers, or an evening out at a fancy restaurant. However, many people don’t think about how Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to take a loved one – whether a partner, family member, or friend – on an amazing vacation! Give the gift of vacation! Pack up your bags and leave town for a bit with your travel companion; that way, you can spend some quality time together somewhere new! Why? It’s a great way to bring you closer and discover more about each other while exploring new destinations and creating memories that will last a lifetime! 

If you’re interested in taking a Valentine’s Day vacation, stop and consider Orlando, Florida! It truly lives up to its nickname as the City Beautiful, with exciting entertainment, romantic restaurants, thrilling theme parks, and splendid scenery, making Orlando perfect for a quick getaway. The opportunities are endless, and the memories will be precious!  

Need some ideas for your Valentine’s Day Vacation to put you in a loving mood? Here are some of our vacation specialists’ favorite recommendations for a Valentine’s Day Vacation to Orlando!

Relaxing Resorts

For many vacationers, the ultimate goal for their first day is to wake up in a serene resort environment. 35% of Americans prefer to spend most of their vacation in a state of relaxation, indulging in the resort’s amenities or soaking up the sun by the pool. Our resorts in Orlando offer the perfect setting for just that. After waking up in a luxurious bed, you can brew a steaming cup of coffee for you and your partner before stepping out onto the balcony to take in the picturesque views of the cityscape. The sounds of birds greeting the morning will add to the peaceful atmosphere as you breathe in the crisp morning air. Once you have nourished your soul with the moment’s tranquility, enjoy a light breakfast and start planning your day!

Exciting Excursions

  • Horse-drawn carriage rides

A carriage ride is a textbook Valentine’s Day activity and a great way to start a romantic evening with your loved one. Snuggle up and take in the sights of city lights and the sounds of the horse’s hooves on the pavement while reminiscing about the time you’ve spent together and how perfect this trip is.

  • Ballet at Steinmetz Hall

You could see the world’s most famous cabaret, the Moulin Rouge, right here in Orlando! A ballet is an excellent follow-up to a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride. You can get dressed up and head to the heart of Orlando to catch the show before dinner!

  • Valentine’s Day Wine and Dine Cooking Class

Taking a cooking class with your partner can be very fun and romantic! Not only will you broaden your cooking skills, but you also get to have a rewarding dinner! Picture yourself in the kitchen with your loved one learning something new and reaping the benefits of that new knowledge right after! Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Romantic Restaurants

  • Kres Chophouse

Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like a sophisticated steakhouse. Kres Chophouse is an elegant restaurant located in a charming historic building in Orlando. Their menu features all the gourmet dishes you could desire on this romantic evening, from Duck to Wellington and everything in between. 

  • The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille is the complete fine dining experience. Their menu offers Orlando exceptionally dry-aged steaks, fresh seafood, world-class wines, and fanciful desserts. With a classy atmosphere and a relaxing vibe, a Valentine’s Day dinner at the Capital Grille would be nothing short of a fairy tale!

  • Ocean Prime

This restaurant is sure to impress your date! Here you can reserve a private curtained dining table with rose petals scattered across the tabletop. Your private table will be right near the lounge, so you can hear the live music while you dine! Ocean Prime is renowned for its steak and seafood but offers impressive desserts, and a vegetarian menu is available upon request!

Be Our Guest!

You and your loved one will surely have an unforgettable time if you celebrate Valentine’s Day in Orlando, Florida. With so many fantastic options for activities and dining experiences, your day of romance will never be better. 

We would love to make a Valentine’s Day Vacation to Orlando a reality so you can let your love flow in the Theme Park Capital! The best part is with Monster; we’re always here to help make your vacation dreams come true! So call us at 844-648-2229 when you’re ready! 

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