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Green Travel; A New Way to Explore the World!

Our experts are here to help you make a difference in the World while on the go by traveling the green way on your next vacation! Green Tourism and Sustainability are major topics in the travel industry and what better way to kick off the new year than to educate ourselves on how to travel responsibly while conserving the environment? Now, when you think about exploring the world, you think about making long-term memories, and being environmentally conscious makes a long-term impact! Almost like a “two birds, with one stone” ordeal. So, let’s explore ways we can be Green while being explorers!   

First, our travel experts recommend starting your Green Travel journey by minimizing your waste and ensuring its proper disposal. Wildlife and nature can continue flourishing while you continue your tour!  

Reduce your Carbon Footprint!

When & Where to Explore?  

Knowing when and where to explore is key! Popular destinations trend during certain times of the year, and when droves of guests vacation at once, it can adversely affect the destination’s environment. Of course, we understand; who doesn’t want to be in Orlando during spring break or somewhere in the Caribbean during the winter? What we can do to offset the adverse effects of high tourism is to set our own travel trends! If everyone is flying out to Bali for a holiday, try out a hidden gem that’s on your bucket list instead, or go during the off-season and experience the destination all for yourself- the green way!  

Compensate for your travel emissions with Carbon Offsets.

It’s a neat, convenient option to donate funds towards Carbon Emission Reduction programs based on the number of emissions that occurred from your trip!

Efficient Transportation

One of the first things that come to most travelers’ minds when they think about transportation and vacationing is airfare, right? Now, even though flights make it super convenient to journey from one side of the world to another, you have many more options! According to the U.S. Department of Energy Data Book, Amtrak is 46% more energy efficient than traveling by car and 34% more energy efficient than domestic air travel. So, you can take the scenic route on the bus or train, hop in the car, or opt for an electric car for your next trip!

The three photos representing green travel include; a man enjoying nature, a woman on an alternative form of transportation, and a beach sign instructing visitors to leave nothing but their footprints on the beach.

Green Activities

Great excursions always equal a great time, and we want you to enjoy the best cost- and energy-efficient activities! How do we achieve that? Perfect question, we will enjoy nature and other wonders. For example, the next time you’re in New York City, opt for a walking tour, or when you’re in Phuket, Thailand, explore the wildlife and public parks for priceless views, and as a way to contribute to conservation efforts! Looking for something a little more exciting? Explore the woodlands of the Rocky Mountains, or take on white-water kayaking and glide down Missouri’s stunning waterways! 

Go Local!  

The last suggestion our experts focus a little more on sustainability, which affects a destination both economically and environmentally. We know you crave authentic experiences, and all you have to do to make that happen is remember to live like a local! Going local while you’re on vacation is the perfect way to grow culturally and understand the destination, but it gets even better, because exploring and eating locally allows the: 

    • Elimination of excessive transportation.
    • Conservation of fresh, nutritious ingredients. 
    • Funding for Environment Conservation programs.
    • Fewer plastics and packaging in the manufacturing process.
    • Creation of employment and the empowerment of the local economy.

Everyone can make a difference in the world while on the go by simply trying out these new ways to explore the world- the Green Travel way!

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