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Since our formation in 2006, Monster Reservations Group has remained a family owned and operated company. We take pride in treating our team members & guests like extended family. It is for these reasons we feel we are a bit unorthodox in our approach, but see this as a positive rather than a negative. Our team is based entirely in the United States, we know each other by first name and many of us have worked together for 10+ years.

We believe a large part of our continued success is the amazing people we have working in our company as well as the partnerships we have formed throughout the industry. Having smart, creative people on staff who genuinely care about the guests we serve makes for a great vacation experience. The results of these great vacation experiences have shown up in the form of thousands of positive online reviews and lots of repeat travelers.

Our company culture is built around Attitude, Effort and Process (AEP). The attitude we promote while engaging in our work has an immense impression on our guests, therefore it is necessary to perform our duties with a sincere, positive outlook. The effort we put forth to truly win a guest over is often the difference between a one time transaction and a life-long vacationer. In short, we must try our hardest every step of the way to acquire and maintain our guests satisfaction. The process we use is a systematic approach developed to ensure our guests have similar experiences regardless of who they interact with or which destination they choose. Our culture is more important to us than our results because we believe if we take care of our culture, the results are sure to follow.

Lastly, none of this is possible without guests first placing their trust in us to book their family’s next vacation. We appreciate the immense responsibility we carry in ensuring the vacation planning process is simple, easy and accurate. If Monster is to continue to grow in the years to come it will be a direct correlation in our ability to better serve our guests.

We hope these few, short paragraphs can begin to shed light on the passion we have for both the team members we employ and the guests we send on vacation.

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