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Since our formation in 2006, Monster Reservations Group has become one of the most successful privately held vacation ownership marketing companies in the country. Focusing on our customers and the quality of accommodations, we have built a reputation as a company that follows through on it’s promises.

Over 98% of our marketing efforts are done by phone which gives us the opportunity to understand our customers wants and needs.

We have a dedicated sales staff of over 50 representatives from all walks of life to help us reach potential new customers.

Monster Reservation Group, LLC, Travel Agencies & Bureaus, Myrtle Beach, SC

As a company we have made a commitment to our staff and the consumer not to do “cold calling” and to abide strictly by the national do not call policy.

We have formed partnerships with the premier resorts and hoteliers of our travel destinations. Our partners provide us with lists of previous customers in hopes they come back to see the newest and latest upgrades these companies have made to their prospective properties.

We are in the vacation ownership marketing business and extremely proud of our clients resorts. We hope these few short paragraphs can give you a better understanding of our companies history, our clients, and the dedication Monster Reservations Group has to bringing vacationers the best experience possible.