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All-Inclusive Cancun


Cancun, Mexico is a very popular destination for many different groups of people. Known for its turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and amazing weather – there are numerous ways to squeeze even more out of an all inclusive trip than just staying in one place with the provided food and drink. There is much more to experience and here we will go through a few of those options!

Know Before You Go

The currency in Cancun is the Mexican peso! While many of the main tourist attractions accept the main US credit cards and the US dollar, it may be beneficial to carry some pesos as well just so you don’t miss out!

Pack different forms of sun protection – This seems like a pretty obvious one, however it is important to bring more than just sunscreen as some activities that involve aquatic flora and fauna you may be asked to skip the sunscreen (even if it’s biodegradable) and instead use a neoprene shirt in order to better protect the environment.

Bring different types of shoes! Comfortable sneakers are important for walking around and exploring the city. Sandals for the beach, of course. Water shoes are handy to have with you for exploring the water and going to water parks. 

The rainy season is May-October so bring a light water resistant coat or sweater to keep you warm and dry!

Yes, you will need a passport!

Many places will require a mask in order to better combat COVID-19, so don’t forget to pack one!

Relaxing Resorts

We have a number of different resorts available in Cancun! Each of our resorts comes highly rated, and are located in ideal areas! Our options are as follows:

Villa Del Palmar Cancun – family friendly and beachfront!

Dreams Vista Cancun Golf and Spa Resort – family friendly, gated community!

Sunset Royale Beach Resort – located on the beach!

Ocean Spa – minutes from downtown and shopping, restaurants, and attractions!

Each of these resorts is special in its own way! Whether you want to stay right on the beach or closer to downtown, these resorts are safe, clean, up-to-date, and accommodating! Check each one out for specific details! 

There’s More Outside of the Resort!

Sure, spending the entirety of your vacation in the resort is great. They provide food and drinks, it’s located on or near the beach, maybe there’s a golf course or a spa… What more could you need, right? Wrong! How about an underwater sculpture museum? What about local restaurants and food that’s best to be tried in Cancun? Shopping? Nightclubs? There is so much outside of the resorts! Let’s take a look at a few of the options:

Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) – Located in the National Marine Park of Cancun and Isla Mujeres, this underwater wonder is made up of 3 galleries (one located in Isla Mujeres) with over 500 sculptures placed on the seafloor. 

Restaurants & Local Food – Taste the unparalleled flavors of true, authentic Mexican food! There are countless restaurants near the resorts that have the quality food and drink that make Cancun an incredible gastronomic destination for all foodies! Try one of the top foods recommended while in Cancun such as Marquesitas (a crepe-like treat filled with cheese and a sweet filling), authentic salsa, Sikil pak (think hummus that’s made with pumpkin seeds instead of chickpeas), or sopa de lima (a meat soup flavored with lime and served with tortilla chips)!

Shopping – Head on over to Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center if you don’t want to stray too far from the resort. It’s Cancun’s newest shopping hub and is located in the hotel zone. La Isla Shopping Village is considered one of the best shopping malls and even has a movie theater, restaurants, and an aquarium – all located in the hotel zone. Mercado 28 is a very popular flea market in Cancun where you can find authentic Mexican merchandise and much, much more – and there is a food court in the middle where you can get authentic Mexican food!

Nightclubs – There are many nightclubs in Cancun to choose from, many of which sell open bar bracelets that let you pay one price and drink all night and have live entertainment! From the immense 3-story club known as The City, to the ever-popular Coco Bongo, Cancun’s nightclubs are quite the party and are a must-see. Don’t worry – they are safe! Some are arguably more safe than clubs we would find back home. Just follow the same common sense rules you always do and have some fun!

Let’s Go to Cancun!

Need any more reason to go to Cancun? Pack your bags and experience the fun in the sun that Cancun has to offer! This is a destination that demands attention whether it be for the white beaches on the turquoise ocean, its unbeatable nightlife, the amazing shopping scene, or the unforgettable cuisine. Cancun is nothing short of amazing and definitely a place you need to try!


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